Baby and toddler music program to support small children to grow creatively through singing, movement, instrument-playing and story time.

Based in Lisbon, Portugal.


Hi! I’m Sahida Apsara,

A poet, singer, songwriter, arts educator and mother of two beautiful girls. I offer English language baby and toddler music classes in Lisbon for small children from ages 6 months to 3 years.

(These classes are simple and easy to follow even for non-English speakers.)

To find out a little bit about me:

Sahida Apsara is an Indian/Malay-Australian poet, singer, songwriter, arts educator with a degree in Creative Arts and Performance Studies. Her works were featured in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald Australian online news publications. She was awarded the ‘Excellence for Service Delivery Multicultural Awards’ from the Australian government and was a recipient of UNESCO City of Literature grant. She has taught dance to small children for over a decade and worked extensively through various youth organisations across Melbourne to deliver arts and music programs.

What is Jiggle Jam?

According to the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association, 85 percent of brain development occurs by the time a child reaches 3 years. We can support them during this time of tremendous growth through music and movement.

It's amazing to see how the small musical play group I started in my girlfriend's living room for Kalila to play with other kids has expanded into something much bigger. I love teaching in schools and kindergarten, but the most rewarding part is gathering families and their children in scenic parks around Lisbon, enjoying the sunshine together and listening to our children’s laughter. Check out my website for more info.

Posted by Sahida Apsara on Tuesday, May 30, 2023

My classes are designed to help young children:

  • Explore music, rhythm and movement
  • Learn social skills such as contact, sharing and turn-taking
  • Develop language skills through learning to vocalise sounds
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills through instrument-playing
  • Learn to listen and to concentrate
  • Find their singing voice

I create a safe and fun space for children to discover the key concepts of music while supporting them to participate in their own way, as much of learning occurs through observation.


I create opportunities for children to develop their social, collaborative, listening and linguistic skills through singing, movement, musical jam, story time and many other activities.


I co-create with the parents and carers in the community, a warm and welcoming space of connection, through our shared participation in songs, movement and group activities.


We use the physical sensation of movement to absorb music and to develop spatial awareness, balance, coordination and creativity.


We use props to draw in shy children, to encourage participation and to teach concepts like up and down, colours and improve on hand-eye coordination skills.


We practise music-making with instruments to support fine and gross motor skills practice and improve their concentration.



We sing to help small children develop their language, literacy and listening skills



We use storytime to start cultivating a lifelong love of reading to support language acquisition.

birthday (1)


Do you want to have a unique and different way to celebrate your toddler’s birthday?

Hire me as your entertainer and create a memorable day for your young guests and their parents. There will be lots of fun activities like rainbow parachute games, bubble fun and with the help of the parents, there will be opportunities for the children, for the first time, to play party classics like  ‘pass the parcel’ and ‘musical statues’.


Sahida's classes were a highlight of our week. Super chilled, friendly and it was a joy to see all the little ones develop around music, song, rhythm and play. I got to make some lovely friends too. Thank you Sahida.
I have done Sahida’s music classes with my son Soren for about a year and we both loved it! Sahida is a beautiful woman inside and out and you can feel her love and happiness as soon as you are around her. The class was so fun and my son is still talking about it. I recommend it 100%.
Sahida has a radiant positive energy. I love the balance she creates between intensity and calmness in her classes. Something I value much in our over stimulating society. I saw my son from being shy on my lap to stepping in the circle and play along with joy and connection. Thank you Sahida for creating this intentional space with so much love and care.


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